Our Mission Statement

The mission of the library is to provide modern library resources, services, and programs to meet the educational, recreational, and informational needs of the community.  

Resources at the library are supplemented by resources from the South Central Kansas Library System, the Kansas State Library, and the interlibrary loan system. 

Board Members

Board Members meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 5 pm in the meeting room at the library.

Linda BurketPresident
Julie WollenVice President
Kathy HurstSecretary
Linda LangleyTreasurer
Brad KirkMember
Stacey WaltersMember
Tracy RohlmanMember

Library Memberships & Associations

  • KLA:   Kansas Library Association
  • PLA:   Public Library Association
  • ALA:   American Library Association
  • SCKLS:   South Central Kansas Library Association
  • Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Bibliographic Center for Research: Through the Kansas State Library and the South Central Kansas Library System

Our Librarians Through the Years…

  •     Mrs. Mary M. Conkling
  •     Mrs. L.M Berry
  •     Mrs. Davis: 1913
  •     Mrs. Alice McIlhenny: 1913 – 1919
  •     Miss Ethel Summers: 1919 -1965
  •     Mrs. Reva Jo Weniger: 1965 – 1981
  •     Mrs. Carol Grimes: 1981 – 1989
  •     Mrs. Linda Slack: 1989 – 2006
  •     Mrs. Grace Helm: 2006 – 2021
  •     Mrs. Nichole Kostner: 2021 – 2023
  •     Ms. Leah Barbee:  2023 –